Intermediates & Teens

Ages;   Intermediates 10yrs- 13yrs  

             Teens  14yrs+ 


Styles Offered;


Jazz/Hiphop - This class focuses on a  jazz warm up and technique exercises around the room.  This class finishes learning  Hiphop dance routines.


Tap - Students learn Tap steps and beats in an exercise form. This is then performed at the end of the term.


Ballet - This class focuses on a classical barre warm up as well as centre exercises and corner work. We follow the RAD ( royal academy of dance ) syllabus 


Acrobatics - Students learn acrobatic flips and tricks including walkovers, handsprings, ariels etc.


Contemporary - This class is a mixture of modern jazz and classical ballet technique. Students learn lyrical and contemporary dances at the end of each lesson.